What is a printable?

A printable is simply a digital file that you download, save, and print whenever you want. Printables are great for last-minute craft projects, celebrations, décor updates, and quick fixes of all kinds.

How does it work?

Add a printable to your shopping cart, then checkout. You will receive an email order confirmation immediately. Following that, once your order has processed, you will receive a second email with a link to download your printable pdf files super speed fast. You can download files from the email link, or from the Smallful website. You will find all your orders and download files on the My Account page. Create your own Smallful folder on your computer so they don’t get lost, then you can save and print them right away!

Do I need special supplies?

Nope, you don’t. You can make do with clear tape and printer paper if you want. But here are some recommendations:

Thicker paper is preferred, it will last longer and hold its shape better. I recommend cardstock – anything with a paper weight above 50-60lbs. I’m using a 110lb Neenah paper from Staples that’s great with a laser printer, but some heavier papers can jam ink jet printers. But I’ve printed test runs on regular ol’ copy paper, and it will work too.

Gluesticks, clear tape, and double-stick tape all come in handy. If a specific printable needs additional materials (like string for your masks), it will be noted in the instructions.

Scissors – though your general multi-purpose scissors will work (you know, the big ones with the orange handles), smaller scissors will be easier to navigate around some of the corners and shapes of these printables.

For super professional results – you can print at your local copy center (like Staples, FedexKinkos, or a local print shop). It’s surprisingly affordable!

Why do I have to have an account to checkout?

It’s always good to have all your things in one place. When you checkout, you will be asked to submit a password. This allows you to log in to the site using your email address and your password. On the “My Account” page on the Smallful site you will be able to view your previous orders and download all your files. You can also save printables you love to your wishlist for later.

My file won’t print/won’t open/didn’t arrive/something’s wrong?

Email me asap and we’ll figure it out!

Can you create custom designs?

I can. Just know that it will cost significantly more than the printables listed here on the site, because you will be paying for my time (sometimes several hours) to create your individual design.

I’m also a seasoned freelance designer – if you are a business looking for illustrations, designs, or product development you can check out my portfolio at Mari Richards Design.

Can I make changes to your designs? Can I sell your designs?

No and nope. These designs are created for your personal usage, please do not alter them or use them in any way that makes you a profit.Your download link is valid for one year. You do have the right to print multiple copies to make and give as gifts to family and friends, or for parties.  If you have any questions about usage, please email me.